Vape interview with Alexander

As usual, I went into my cafe to buy my daily vanilla latte when I see a lone guy with his vape.
He looks very nice so I take my coffee and go to him, introduce me and ask if it is okay that I do a little short interview with him.

Here is the result.
When did you start with vaping?

I started with vape almost three years ago, ie 2016, the same year I was told that yes would be dad.

Why did you start with vape?

I started with vaping because in previous years I had given myself a promise. That on the day I was going to become a father I would stop smoking. I also had a friend as a roadside who introduced me to it.

How has your life changed since you started with vape?

I feel healthier and feel much better now, the health feels like it has improved since I stopped using cigarettes.

How do you see that minors are doing vape?

Both positive and negative. The positive is that they stay away from tobacco products.
The negativity is that they get nicotine in themselves which in itself is not good. It is 18 years limit on the vape of a reason.

How would you recommend vape to others?

I would recommend small mtl kits reminiscent of a cigarette but of course it is healthier. I have helped several people quit smoking with the help of vaping. After all, it is such a much better alternative to tobacco.

Where do you buy your vape products?

Most things I buy from are but also in local stores. Juices I don’t buy often, especially when I’m sponsored via my instagram.

Do you have a target in the weighing industry?

I have two goals, to become a great vape influence and also become a skilled vaping trickster. It is goals I go after every day and it just goes forward.

What do you think of the TPD Act and the new law on smoking ban?

The smoking ban in itself I think is super ridiculous. I can understand cigarettes but a vape in itself that is not harmful to others. And also smells good is crazy that they should be banned. The positive thing about tpd is that e-juices that are manufactured today are made and taste bites now than before.

Do you have any inspirational person within vaping?

Yes I have, there are three a guy from vapegod who makes vaping tricks. A Youtuber who is great influencer. he last one is my girlfriend who also she is a great influencer on Instagram.

What are you looking for in vape?

Good taste but also awesome clouds, and that my instagram should grow even more.
Okay, Alex, thank you so much for this interview and good luck in the future!

Choose the right oil for your car

It is important to change the oil regularly according to the car’s operating instructions. The engine must have a new oil according to the service interval. Stated in your instruction manual in order to maintain its lubricating properties.

Engine oil

Is used to lubricate, cool and keep the engine clean and it is vital that the oil is kept at a normal level. In order for the car to function properly. In addition, the oil helps to both rust and seal the engine.

Many car owners submit their beads to the workshop when it is time to change oil. It is also as good to learn to carry out an oil change yourself, and is not at all as messy and complicated as many people think. What you need is to be able to raise the car, a wrench and new oil. To replace the oil, it needs to be warm, so let the engine run for a few minutes before starting. With an internet search you can very easily find detailed step by step guides to the switch!

Today many cars read the oil level automatically. Which means that you get a warning in the dashboard of the car when it is time to refill the oil. You should change oil at least every two years, even if the car is not used so much. Ideally, you should change the engine oil every year and the best thing is to change in the autumn. So that the oil is at its best when it starts to get cold outside. Go for a high quality oil, it will save you money in the future.


For engine oil to perform its main function is to lubricate. The viscosity (a measure of the oil thickness or flow resistance) must cope with the engine temperature conditions. The oil gets thinner when it gets hot and thicker when it cools down. Therefore, it is very important to choose a viscosity that fits the temperature conditions. The thinner the oil (lower figure), the greater the fuel saving and the better the cold start properties.

When changing oil, you should also take the opportunity to change the oil filter. An old clogged filter can cause dirt to enter through the protective valve and damage the engine. Most workshops usually change the oil filter while making an oil change.

How to choose oil for your car

Study the car’s instruction manual to find out which specification the oil should meet, ACEA xx, API xx. Or your car manufacturer’s own quality specification. Also check if there are any restrictions in viscosity according to the SAE system.

With the right oil, both fuel consumption and wear on the engine are reduced. It can be difficult to know which oil to use; fully synthetic, partially synthetic or long life. The instruction manual contains exactly which engine oil is best for your car. If you cannot find the instruction manual in the glovebox. Or the information in the book, you can ask at the nearest mack.

Mineral based oil or synthetic

When changing oil you have two main choices to make. There is mineral-based oil and synthetic ester-based oil, so-called environmental oil. Most car manufacturers use the mineral-based oils when the car comes from the factory. As they help the engine run faster. When you first change oil, it is usually preferable to choose an environmental oil.